The Latter-day Disciples Podcast

Ep. 24 | Overcoming Anxiety with Julie Hawkes

June 14, 2022 Meghan Farner
The Latter-day Disciples Podcast
Ep. 24 | Overcoming Anxiety with Julie Hawkes
Show Notes

Meghan is joined by Julie Hawkes to discuss scriptural principles and examples for combatting anxiety. Specific discussion points include: 

  • Zeezrom's battle with anxiety
  • Promises and patterns for combatting mental health issues
  • Challenging our assumptions
  • Using language to elicit Christ's Atonement, or Satan
  • End-Times anxiety scenario: Food Shortages

Julie Hawkes is the creator and owner of Life Balance, and is a mentor, speaker, and energy coach. 

She has helped hundreds of people reconnect to their hearts and God, have better relationships, manage anxiety and depression, and reach their goals.  She is passionate about what she does and gets so excited about the changes clients see in just a short time after working with her. 

Julie's deep love of the scriptures began 20 years ago when she got called to be the gospel doctrine teacher and panicked because she didn't know or understand what she was required to teach.  When it was time to teach the Old Testament she stood in front of the class and asked them to pray for her because she felt like reading the Old Testament was like trying to read and understand Russian, and she didn't understand any of it! As she studied she learned so much and felt so much peace that it fundamentally changed her life and created a lifelong love of the scriptures and the answers that can be found within.  

On a personal note, Julie was raised in South-East Idaho and has seven children and one grandson. She met her husband at the local grocery store and was tricked into going out with him (thank heavens!). They have been married almost 31 years. She loves sushi, chocolate, and mountain biking.

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